Take Advantage of Our Air Shipping Services and Enjoy These Immense Benefits

Air shipping is one of the best forms of transportation for any fine art packer and transporter. It is one of our shipping options when you need to move your artwork to any part of this country or world. But what are the benefits of using our air freight services as opposed to the rest? This post details the benefits of taking advantage of our air courier services. Read on to learn more about our art ships.

Faster Clearance

Unlike other means of shipping fine art, air transportation’s custom procedures and formalities are easier and faster to compile than those of other means of transport. This quicker clearance means you will avoid delays in obtaining the necessary clearance.

Enhanced Safety for Your High-Value Art Pieces

When dealing with highvalue artworks, security and speed will form the bulk of your shipping concerns. When transporting your artware by plane, you will enjoy all these benefits because air freight offers them owing to tight airport safety procedures. This means your sensitive artworks will be safe from high chances of damage and theft.

 Fastest Delivery

Do you want your cargo to arrive faster? If speed is your biggest need, then you can take advantage of our art ships through flight and enjoy all that.

Low Insurance Premium

If you want to save on the insurance premium you will pay for your artwork, you should consider taking advantage of our air freight services. The reason is that air shipping takes a shorter time meaning that your artwork is exposed to danger for a shorter time than if you were shipping it via other means. The result is that your insurer will charge you lesser since the risk is also low.

Reliable Arrival and Departure Times

If you value a reliable arrival and departure schedule for your artwork, then try our air freight services. The benefits of such a predictable schedule are that you will not suffer delays in the arrival or departure of your shipment. Can you imagine your artwork delaying on the road by three days when you are supposed to be displaying it in an exhibition you have paid for?

If speed, high security, reliable departure and arrival times, and faster delivery form the bulk of your art ships agenda, then our air freight is all you need. Try it today.