Summer Exhibition 2019 at JD Malat Gallery

With a representative office in London, we proudly provide professional art packing and crating, art logistics, and art installation services all over the United Kingdom. We serve many local artists, galleries, auction houses, institutions, and collectors who entrust us with shipping their priceless collections both nationally and internationally. We also never miss a chance to visit the best art exhibitions and shows held in London. One of them is Summer Exhibition 2019 that is currently on view at the amazing JD Malat Gallery in Mayfair, London.

Summer Exhibition 2019

JD Malat Gallery is a relatively young art gallery that was launched in London in June 2018. Since then, the gallery has already hosted seven solo exhibitions, including the absolutely stunning “Urban Scene” by Li Tianbing, a talented Chinese artist known for his unique visual language. All these artists now return to JD Malat Gallery as part of Summer Exhibition 2019.

Along with the thought-provoking paintings by Li Tianbing, the exhibition features works by Zümrütoğlu, Mio Yamato, Henrik Uldalen, Santiago Parra, Nina Pandolfo, Masayoshi Nojo, Andy Moses, Conrad Jon Godly, Katrin Fridriks, Marlene Dumas, Ian Cumberland, and Enrico Castellani. These include both the strongest artworks previously displayed at JD Malat Gallery and brand new works that have never been shown before. For example, the gallery has introduced realist mixed-media artworks by Ian Cumberland, an Irish visual artist whose work is focused on people and the things, including absurd ones, they do.

Summer Exhibition 2019 at JD Malat Gallery

From the ethereal and atmospheric mountainous landscapes by Conrad Jon Godly to some exclusive 20th-century masterpieces by Enrico Castellani and Marlene Dumas to the politically charged paintings depicting world leaders by Li Tianbing, Summer Exhibition 2019 brings a truly unique artistic experience to London. The exhibition runs through September 28. Take your time to visit JD Malat Gallery and enjoy its beautiful selection of artworks by some of the most talented contemporary artists!