Shipping Art Internationally: Challenges All Beginners Face

Shipping Art Internationally: Challenges All Beginners Face

Are you an artist who has just received your first international commission or a collector planning to move to another side of the world? Then you have come to the right place. International art transportation has a lot of pitfalls that you might not even think about in the very beginning. To help you navigate this complex process, we will tell you about the three challenges most beginners face when shipping art internationally for the first time.

Shipping Art Internationally: Challenges All Beginners Face

Finding the right packaging materials

The first thing you have to figure out before attempting to ship art internationally is packing. Each work of art is unique and has its own needs. Unfortunately, many beginners do not pay enough attention to this important step, completely running their chances of success into the ground. If you want your precious collectibles to get to their destination in perfect condition, you must do research and use the right techniques and materials when packing them. If you are not sure what to do, you can look up advice online or consult a professional fine art handler.

Choosing the right art shipping company

The next thing all newbies stumble over is choosing the right international fine art transportation service provider. Some people choose regular mailing services like UPS, while others opt for the expert assistance of fine art handlers. It is your choice to make, but remember that fine art logistics companies have extensive experience shipping works of art specifically and, thus, might be a better fit for your precious belongings.

Preparing the paperwork

This is by far the least exciting part of the international fine art transportation process. Preparing the documents on your own might sound overwhelming, but you definitely should not be leaving it until the last minute. If you forget something, you will have even more reasons to worry. The earlier you get your export invoice, customs declarations, and licenses sorted, the better.

The best advice we could give you as a fine art logistics company with over twenty-five years of experience is that you must always pre-plan everything. Shipping art internationally is an intricate process that should never be rushed. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to you on your first-ever fine art transport journey.