Security Systems a Professional Art Storage Facility Should Have

Security Systems a Professional Art Storage Facility Should Have

Whenever you need to use art storage services, you will surely look for a fully protected and secure facility that can guarantee that your property is intact. Such a high degree of protection for fine art items delegated for storage is usually achieved via a combination of security systems typical for museums and art galleries.

Security Systems in a Professional Art Storage Facility 

Interested in what to look for when assessing the security measures of your chosen storage option? Here is a brief guide to the security measures you should consider.

#1 Fire Alarm

Along with the continually functioning climate control system, every storage facility should be equipped with timely and sensitive fire and smoke detection equipment. Smoke and fire can be destructive for the stored artworks, so it is absolutely essential to keep the storage intact to fire and curb the emergency at the onset. That’s why all storage facilities should come with a network of smoke detection alarms and advanced fire suppression systems.

#2 Security Monitoring System

Artworks should also be fully secured against thieves and vandals, which is attained by a comprehensive alarm system that works 24/7 and covers all corners of the storage unit. As a rule, art storage facilities are equipped with closed-circuit systems of security monitoring so that thieves can’t intercept the signals and hack the system.

#3 Authorized Access System

Security means that only authorized professional storage employees can get access to valuable and delicate art objects stored in a specific facility. That’s why specialized access systems should be established in storage units, allowing only predetermined staff members to enter particular storage zones and deal with extra expensive and vulnerable art. Besides, such a security arrangement can simplify access tracking so that the storage administration is always aware of who entered which zones on which days.

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