Professional Art Storage vs Self-Storage: What’s the Difference?

Professional Art Storage vs Self Storage

Self-storage has been a trusty solution for people who want to keep their valuables safe for ages. It does not matter if you are moving to another house or simply decluttering, storage units, if chosen properly with a size guide, can help you go through the changes in your life without the mess that often comes with it. But, contrary to popular belief, self-storage units are not universal. In fact, when it comes to storing works of art, antiques, collectibles, and other fragile, precious things, they can sometimes do more harm than good. Here are some reasons why you might opt for professional art storage if you want to keep your artwork or antique collection safe.

Professional Art Storage vs Self-Storage: What’s the Difference?

Handling assistance

Those who have ever moved homes know how crucial it is to have someone to help you move your piles of belongings and make sure they stay safe during transit. Unfortunately, this is also something that self-storage facilities lack: more often than not, you will be expected to transport your precious possessions yourself. In addition, people working at regular storage units are not skilled enough to handle works of art.

On the other hand, fine art storage facilities usually provide transportation and handling services. Besides, they employ professional art handlers who know everything about storing all kinds of valuable collectibles, from paintings and sculptures to antique furniture and taxidermy.

Storage equipment

One big problem a fine art collector or an artist will likely have when using a self-storage facility is that they will have to provide the storage equipment themselves. Regular storage warehouses do not have art storage racks or shelves at the ready, meaning you will either have to pay extra or buy them yourself.

Since fine art storage facilities specialize in art storage, they always have all the necessary equipment on hand. Whatever you need to keep safe, you can rest assured that your needs will be accommodated.

Environment control and maintenance

Unfortunately, many self-storage companies do not pay attention to keeping the environment in perfect condition. Often, things like pest control are not addressed adequately, which can result in horrible consequences for valuables. In addition, some facilities do not offer climate-controlled units at all.

Fine art storage companies always make sure that their units are free of mold and pests. In addition, they keep a perfectly controlled environment in all of their units and do regular equipment and facility check-ups.

While self-storage facilities do their best to provide a safe environment for their clients’ valuables, they cannot meet the needs of every single object. If you want to ensure that your valuables stay in perfect condition, it is better to opt for professional art storage.