Lethal Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating with Local Art Movers

Negotiating with Local Art Movers

Are you an artist or an art gallery in Los Angeles needing to ship items to Canada? If you are, then the experience should have taught you the importance of having a suitable local art transportation partner. Getting contractual agreements with a company to meet your local art transportation needs in Los Angeles, CA, is critical in ensuring you enjoy stability and predictability in your operations. However, be careful about how you negotiate with a fine art shipping company to get the best out of the deal. In the remaining sections of our post, we shall explore some of the fatal mistakes to avoid when negotiating such a deal.

Failing to Compare Competing Offers

It is great to have a long-term carrier for your artwork. However, make sure that they don’t box you into a corner where you think that they are the only fish in your sea. When negotiating, compare what your current supplier has with your new prospective suitor. If you make them know you already have another competing supplier, you stand higher chances of getting a better deal. The reason is that when they know what your current provider is offering you, they will engage their upgrade gear to serve you more efficiently. Therefore, never exclude them from the negotiation process.

Not Knowing Your Shipping Profile

The second mistake to avoid when negotiating with a local art transportation firm in Los Angeles, CA, is failing to know your shipping profile. If you don’t know your data better than your potential suitor, they will outsmart you in the game. It is therefore prudent to track all your shipment and audit your previous invoices to understand its bulk.

Poor Preparation

The third mistake to avoid when negotiating with a local transportation company is poor preparation. As a law of life, anything you don’t prepare for well will produce little results, if any. It is therefore prudent to go armed with all the necessary information you will use to get a better and favorable deal.

Overlooking the Finer Details of the Deal

Lastly, you should never overlook the finer details of the deal. It is beneficial to remember that the local art transportation company in Los Angeles, CA, is pushing for its interests first, and hence, you have to read through the terms and conditions carefully before signing.

You now know the pitfalls. Therefore, we hope you will avoid them next time you negotiate with a local fine art transportation firm.