Kestenbaum & Company – A Go-To Place for Rare Books

While Fine Art Shippers is an art logistics company specializing in handling and transporting fine art and antiques, we are also proficient in shipping books internationally. Moreover, this applies to absolutely any books, including large museum-quality items and antique manuscripts. Our expertise and knowledge allow our team to ship even entire collections of rare and unique books sold at auctions worldwide, making Fine Art Shippers a preferred company for many collectors and dealers. Besides, we enjoy shipping books internationally as it is always an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn something new. In this blog post, we want to tell you about Kestenbaum & Company, a well-established auction house dedicated to the sail of truly valuable books that can adorn any collection.

Kestenbaum & Company

Possessing over 25 years of experience in the auction business, Kestenbaum & Company is one of the most reputable New York-based auction houses specializing in selling and buying rare books, autographed letters, manuscripts, and other collectibles. Focused on Hebraica and antique Judaica, it has already sold more than 40,000 lots, which also makes it one of the largest niche auction houses in the United States. Besides, Kestenbaum & Company offers professional book appraisal services for charitable, estate, insurance, and other purposes.

Whether it comes to shipping books internationally or within the New York metropolitan area, please feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers! We will be happy to provide you with any art logistics and auction services you need at a very attractive price!