It’s Time to Learn the Ropes of Fragile International Shipping

It’s Time to Learn the Ropes of Fragile International Shipping

If you’re an owner of a fragile art object and need to have it shipped overseas, it’s time to think about fragile international shipping services. You can’t entrust the item to regular shipping companies because they may not give it the care and attention it deserves. That’s why you should familiarize yourself with the rules of handling fragile art long before you need this service; this knowledge will help you spot a reliable provider, with no risk of damage or property loss.

What Art Is Regarded As Fragile?

Fragile means susceptible to damage, so many objects of art fall into this category: glass objects, artwork with glass elements, mirrors, antiques, and the like. Such items crack pretty easily, with some parts or the entire object breaking even with the slightest effect on the part of a careless shipper. Fragile freight is also extremely vulnerable to physical vibration caused by bumpy roads or turbulence during air transportation.

Therefore, you should always opt for fragile international shipping services whenever you need to transfer delicate objects abroad. It’s the necessary level of protection your artwork requires in transit, securing your financial interests and the dear memories and emotions connected with this piece of art.

How to Organize Safe Fragile International Shipping?

Safe fragile international shipping largely depends on professional packaging, as well as proper labeling of the fragile freight. Here’s how to organize both in line with the industry standards.

  • Always add extra cushioning to the fragile art object during its packaging. Though a sturdy cardboard box with an internal cushioning layer may be enough for domestic shipments, international carriers usually require artwork to be crated in wood for overseas transportation. Otherwise, you will find it hard to get an insurance policy for an insufficiently protected art object.
  • To ease the task of handling in the process of your artwork’s transportation, you need to add special handling labels throughout. For example, the “This Way Up” label allows the art mover to understand where your artwork’s bottom and top are located. The “Fragile” label is also a must for all fragile objects. It tells the freight handler that the object is easy to break, ensuring delicate management. It also makes sense to place the “Keep Dry” label to ensure that shippers protect the freight from humidity.

With these insights in mind, you can now plan the fragile international shipping of your art. Otherwise, you can delegate the entire hassle to Fine Art Shippers and relax, knowing that your possessions are in safe hands.