Installation of Plastic Art: What to Consider

Installation of Plastic Art: What to Consider

Plastic art is a broad term describing a spectrum of art forms, artistic practices, and mediums. In general, it refers to artwork molded or modeled from clay, wood, glass, or metal. The most common example of something like that is sculpture. Of course, contemporary sculptures come in different mediums and do not necessarily require “molding.” These days, “plastic art” can encompass practically any sculpture, installation, or three-dimensional work of art. In this blog post, let us touch upon the subject of the installation of plastic art.

Why is the installation of plastic art so complex?

Installation is a necessary step in preparation for any art event. Canvases and prints are some of the most common things to install, and they are usually flat, which makes them easy to attach to a wall. However, when it comes to the installation of plastic art pieces like sculptures, things might get a little more complicated.

The first thing that has to be considered when installing plastic art is its dimensions. The more protruding corners an object has, the more difficult it will be to find a way to install it securely, which complicates the job of an art installer. Some artworks, for example, art installation pieces, can be incredibly large and complex in structure. As a consequence, the installation of a plastic artwork might take a lot of time and effort. That is important to consider when preparing a display for art events, which are usually time-sensitive.

In addition, plastic art can be made from all kinds of different materials, some of which are particularly difficult to handle. A work of art made from glass or ceramics is incredibly fragile and prone to breaking or cracking. That is why it is crucial to approach the installation of such pieces with utmost care and precision.

Who can help?

As you can see, the installation of plastic art can be quite complicated. If you are dealing with a particularly fragile, massive, or heavy piece, it is better to entrust this job to professional art handlers. That way, you will be sure that nothing accidentally falls from its designated place. Art installers use industry-approved and time-tested tools and techniques to ensure the security and safety of your valuables.