How to Successfully Organize Art Transportation from New York?

How to Successfully Organize Art Transportation from New York

Organizing fine art shipping, especially from a major art hub like New York, requires careful planning and coordination to ensure the safe and secure movement of valuable artworks. In this blog post, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to successfully organize art transportation from New York to another city or country. 

A Short Guide on How to Organize Art Transportation from New York

If you don’t want to delve into all the nuances of fine art shipping, just do some general research and choose a reputable fine art shipping company with experience in handling and shipping fine art overseas. They will be your partner in this challenging task and will be happy to guide you through the following steps with full responsibility. Obtain quotes from several art shipping companies that are capable of organizing art transportation from New York. Consider factors such as shipping methods, insurance coverage, packing services, and delivery times. Select a company that meets your needs and budget.

However, the company you choose will need some specific information from you in order to plan the move. The first step is to determine the specific requirements of the artwork you’re shipping, such as its size, weight, material, and condition. This information will help you and your fine art shipping company choose the appropriate shipping method and type of packaging.

If you’re shipping artwork domestically, look for fine art moving companies that provide art shuttle services. This service is both safe and cost-effective. You probably won’t need art crating services in such a case, as soft packing will be sufficient. For international shipping from New York, however, a custom wooden crate is a must, so make sure the company offers it.

If your artwork requires specific environmental conditions due to its condition or material, choose a shipping method that offers a climate-controlled option. This is essential to protect the artwork from damage.

Make sure all required documentation is in order. This includes invoices and any other paperwork that may be required for customs clearance. Sometimes, fine art shippers don’t provide assistance with documentation or insurance, so you’ll need to take care of this on your own. Consider purchasing serious insurance if necessary to fully protect the artwork during transit.

If you are looking for a fine art shipping company to help you organize the entire process of art transportation from New York, Fine Art Shippers will be proud to have you as a client. Request a free quote using the form on our website.