How to Store Art in a Storage Facility? Preservation Tips

How to Store Art in a Storage Facility? Preservation Tips

Art objects face subjective evaluations, with some of them unanimously recognized as masterpieces and others enjoying mixed reviews. Yet, no matter what opinion different viewers have about art, one thing stands beyond doubt – all art should be properly preserved for current and future generations. In most cases, preservation is possible only with properly organized storage. Not sure how to store art in a storage facility? We’ve compiled a couple of tips to help you plan and arrange this process correctly.

How to Store Art in a Storage Facility? Preservation Tips

As soon as you start planning for storage, it’s typical to ask yourself the most important question, ‘How to store art in a storage facility so that it is preserved in its original condition?’ Here are several tips to guide you.


The rule of thumb is to store paintings vertically in a standing position. In this case, you may be sure that the canvas won’t sag, and there will be no impression bars on the surface. What’s more, paintings that stand in a vertical position in storage facilities face lower risks of dust and debris accumulation on their surfaces (even if the piece is packaged well, the surface of the packaging will be covered with dust with time).

Packaging Options

Now, what about packaging? Experts recommend considering crating your objects of fine art for long-term storage. Yet, this step is time-consuming, costly, and not always reasonable, considering that your art objects will be kept in storage without transportation or excessive handling. Other packaging options involve mirror boxes, which give dual protection to their content, or sturdy cardboard boxes matched to the art object’s size plus several inches for the protective layers of packaging.

Climate Control

The industry standard is to keep artwork in a dry, cool place fully protected from direct sunlight. Thus, it would be best to double-check that your chosen storage location matches these requirements and has a high-quality climate control system. The storage unit should provide constant, customizable settings for temperature and humidity.

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