How to Store Art in a Storage Facility in Three Simple Steps

How to Store Art in a Storage Facility in Three Simple Steps

Fine art storage facilities are places specially designed to keep valuables safe: they have climate-controlled units, a complex inventory system, and regular maintenance checks. But what about regular self-storage facilities? Can they provide the same level of protection for your precious possessions? Today, you will find out how to store art in a storage facility that does not specialize in fine art.

How to Store Art in a Storage Facility in Three Simple Steps

Find a storage facility

The first thing you need to do is find a storage service. Some characteristics you must look out for to make the right decision include the price of the service, the company’s experience, and the location of the storage facility. In addition, you will want to make sure that the facility has a temperature- and humidity-control system inside its units. Generally, it is recommended to keep the temperature at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at around 50%. If you are planning to store art in self-storage, you must ensure that it, at least, meets the basic art conservation requirements and is of the right size, which can be checked using a size guide.

Prepare your artwork for storage

Before transporting your piece to the art storage facility, you need to prepare it. That includes checking the condition of your piece before transporting it and documenting any notable characteristics it might have, such as cracks, discoloration, or any other signs of aging or damage. After that, you will need to make sure that your artwork is well protected during storage. The packing technology will depend on the kind of artwork you have in your collection. The general rule of thumb is that you need, at least, three layers: an acid-free layer, a squishy cushioning layer, and a sturdy protective layer. If you are not sure how to pack your artwork for storage, it is better to hire professional art handlers.

Transport your art to a storage unit

Now, all you have left is to transport your pieces to the storage facility. You can either do that yourself if your artwork is on the smaller side or hire professional fine art movers. Once your valuables arrive at the facility, check the condition of your storage unit once again to ensure there will be no issues later on.

This was our answer to the question of how to store art in a storage facility. If you feel like regular storage will not cut it for your artwork collection, you can always opt for a professional fine art storage service.