How to Organize Small Storage Space for Art? Tips from Experts

How to Organize Small Storage Space for Art? Tips from Experts

If you’re an art enthusiast and have many items for display, you may come to a dilemma of prioritization with time. It’s impossible to keep all artwork on the walls at the same time, so you may need to store some art while other items are enjoying their minute of fame on your walls. But what should you do if storage space is scarce? Here, we’ll discuss how to organize small storage space for art if you have only limited room for keeping your collection out of display. Read on to store your items safely.

How to Organize Small Storage Space for Art? Preparatory Steps

The first stage of preparing your small storage room for art is to perform full decluttering and sorting out all the things stored there. Check your inventory and categorize everything you need to store. Get rid of unnecessary things to free up more space for your valuable art.

It’s also important to use limited space wisely, and the vertical storage technique will help you with that. Make sure you use vertical space to a maximum by organizing shelving units and pegboards. This way, you will have enough room for artwork, positioned vertically on the shelves, and will be able to organize other stored items in order.

Other Things to Consider

Once the storage room is clean, neat, and prepared for art storage, it’s time to package your art for conservation. Use professional, non-adhesive materials to cover the artwork’s surfaces and label each item correspondingly.

Artists who store numerous works of art and have to transport them across the studio from time to time may benefit from portable storage solutions, like totes, carts, and baskets on the wheels. This way, you can quickly rearrange things in your small storage without too much interference.

Besides, the rule of thumb is to equip the storage room, no matter how small, with adequate lighting and an air quality control system (at least, an air conditioning system) and ensure its full accessibility.

Fine Art Shippers Can Store Your Art Conveniently

Now, you know everything about how to organize small storage space for art in your premises. Yet, if you feel that your art needs a better-organized storage space that you can’t create within the limited room at your disposal, contact Fine Art Shippers. Our professionally equipped storage in Upper Manhattan can host your item or full collection at an affordable price and with full respect to art storage rules and principles. Find out the terms from our managers and give your art the secure and stable storage environment it deserves.