How to Move Antique Religious Art Safely

Antique religious art

Transportation of antique religious art is a painstaking task, especially when it comes to antique icons. Old wooden icons need to be handled with great care, as they require special protection during storage and shipping. Below we share some handy tips.

How to Move Antique Religious Art Safely

Proper packing procedure

Even short-distance moving requires careful packing of religious artifacts. Like any fine art piece, an antique wooden icon is extremely fragile and is subject to bumps, drops, and sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Therefore, packaging is crucial for effective transportation. Here are some packing steps you can follow.

  • If the icon is covered by glass, protect the glass with blue masking tape
  • Wrap antique religious art in acid-free packing paper to avoid potential damage to its surface
  • Cover your piece with bubble wrap and secure it with tape to soften any possible shocks during shipping
  • Put the item in a wooden kiot (case) and place it into a durable shipping box
  • Fill the space with packing paper, bubble wrap, or another padding
  • Secure the package with the tape and put the “FRAGILE” label

While packing religious artifacts for moving, use high-quality materials and supplies to prevent your precious item from being damaged.

Hiring professional antique movers

Antique religious art should be moved only by professional movers with experience and skills to handle valuables. Do thorough research and choose a reputable moving company with a wide array of services.

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