How to Move a High-Value Painting Collection: Tips from Experts

How to Move a High-Value Painting Collection: Tips from Experts

There is a reason why professional art transportation services are in high demand. Shipping a painting safely is quite a challenge already, but when you have an entire collection of artworks to deal with, things become ten times more complicated. It does not matter what size your art collection is; whether you have five or fifty pieces, your precious belongings deserve to be treated with the utmost care. Moreover, the more expensive and rare your artworks are, the more careful you have to be. So, what do you do when you need to move a high-value painting collection? Read this blog post to learn the secrets of successful art transportation from experts.

How to Move a HighValue Painting Collection: Tips from Experts

As you already know, art collecting is not only about buying works of art and displaying them or keeping them in a secure storage unit; it is also about taking proper care of them. When was the last time you checked the condition of your paintings? When you have a sizeable collection, it is only natural to not have enough time to check every single piece regularly. Taking care of works of art takes time and energy, which not many can afford in our busy times. However, we suggest that before you move a high-value painting collection, you find some time to inspect its condition. If there are any imperfections in the structure of your pieces, it is better to fix them, thus preventing them from getting worse in transit.

Now, let’s talk about the safety of your valuables and what happens if one of them gets damaged or lost. While unlikely, accidents may happen, and you must be ready to bear their consequences. Apart from investing in secure packaging materials and finding a reliable, professional art shipping company, you also need specialized art transit insurance. This type of insurance will protect your belongings from anything that may happen to them during shipping, be it damage or loss.

We do not know how large or expensive your art collection is. However, we do know that you need all the help you can get to move a high-value painting collection. Do not hesitate to get in touch with professional art movers if you have any questions or require assistance. Call Fine Art Shippers today!