High-Quality Handmade Frames from Fine Art Frameworks

As you probably know, Fine Art Shippers is not only a professional art logistics company but also an experienced wooden crate manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. However, did you know that we additionally offer art framing services? Our team can design and produce a beautiful frame for art work of any kind, be it a small contemporary print or a large Old Master painting. Moreover, we love this work, and we are always ready to discuss all the options available to your treasured piece of art. Plus, our art framing services are very competitively priced to meet the budget of any client. Along with that, we want to draw your attention to Fine Art Frameworks, another New York-based company that can make an excellent frame for art work of any size and shape.

Fine Art Frameworks

Since its very foundation in 1996, Fine Art Frameworks has been known for producing custom frames of the highest quality. Located in Long Island City, this company is now one of the best places in New York to come for professional art framing services focused on exceptional craftsmanship. Just like Fine Art Shippers, Fine Art Frameworks can produce a unique handmade frame for art work of any kind, each crafted from start to finish at the company’s own facility. Besides, while Fine Art Frameworks specializes in archival custom framing, this reputable company also offers an array of other services that include art packing and crating, art conservation, art installation, and art transportation, making it an all-in-one solution for many art-related needs.

Photo credit: Fine Art Frameworks/fineartframeworks.com