Going Pink This Summer with Clic Gallery

Pink July

Summer is a perfect time to add some colorful elements to your home and wardrobe. Blue, green, yellow, red, purple… your options are almost endless. But why not going pink this summer? Pink is the color of universal love, inner peace, harmony, friendship, tenderness, romance, charm, and hope. It is thought to have a calming effect and a positive impact on the brain. Pink is great, so you should definitely consider adding this beautiful color to your life. It does not mean that you should go pink entirely, but a few pink elements can freshen up your home and image. Start your search with the selection of creative home décor pieces and accessories at Clic Gallery!

Going Pink with Clic Gallery

Clic is a gallery and concept store known for its outstanding selection of original home goods, contemporary photography, apparel, and books. Founded by Christiane Celle in 2008, it has locations in New York, East Hampton, the island of St. Barthelemy, and Larkspur, CA at Marin Country Mart. All of the locations have reopened after the coronavirus outbreak and welcome everyone to come anytime.

Clic Gallery offers many interesting goods and accessories in pink. These include a series of cool Zig Zag and Tam Tam indoor stools, cozy rugs from Doing Goods, incredible textiles and pillows by Maison de Vacances, hand-made drinkware by Federico de Majo, absolutely amazing original photographs by Antoine Verglas and Anne Sophie Granjon, collectible dolls designed by Becky Kemp, beautiful candle holders, and many more. Besides, you can buy there fashionable bags, pants, sandals, and dresses that are also available in all shades of pink.

At Fine Art Shippers, we love working with Clic Gallery, and we highly recommend this amazing store to everyone. If you decide to go pink this summer, do it with Clic!