Fun DIY Woodcraft Ideas for Your Kids

Fun DIY Woodcraft Ideas for Your Kids

Woodcraft is one of the fun things kids can do during the weekends and holidays. If you want to keep them busy so they don’t distract you from your work. It is also a great way to educate them while they have fun.

Allow your kids to explore their creative side with DIY projects. Depending on their age, you can purchase a kid’s woodworking kit for 10 and 12 years old or put together a woodcraft kit yourself. They can also make just about any object with wooden objects like branches, leftover wood scraps, and twigs.

Here are some do-it-yourself woodwork ideas that will inspire your kids. Younger kids might need simpler projects, but with your guidance, they could still enjoy these projects:

Homemade Stamps

You can have your kid create a number of wooden stamps using a saw, some sandpaper, and other tools. They can carve up words like their names or other creative words and with paint, they can make beautiful prints.

Little Wooden Robot

DIY wooden robots are usually very cute and fascinating for kids. They can easily make a robot with their woodcraft kit, wooden blocks, and other tools. You can have your kid create a little wooden robot with their friends. It’s possible that they can even make more than one or probably an army of wooden robots. Allow them to feel free to use their imagination.

Wooden Bird Feeder

If you want them to make a backyard bird feeder, you will need to do a little supervision. They can use thicker and stronger branches instead of little twigs. They will also need peanut butter to use as an adhesive. The DIY wooden bird feeder is a great idea for both younger and older kids. Here you get to watch your kids hammering and working to complete their project.

Driftwood Kite

This is another easy woodcraft idea for kids. Your kids can make it using twigs. They can choose to paint wooden beads to add color to the driftwood kite. This makes for a very interesting project for toddlers. It would help improve their motor skills.

Heart Wooden Frame

Kids love to make beautiful gifts for people, especially their parents. A heart frame is a great idea for Valentine’s day gift and even Mother’s day. It is inexpensive and unique. They can use prefabricated wooden frames available in craft stores and some paint for this DIY project. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, your kids can dip their thumbs in the paint to make prints on the frame. It can be messy but it is fun. The frame will always be a reminder of your kid’s little thumbs.

Photo Frame

Photo frames are another exciting gift that your kids can create by themselves. There are so many inspirations for photo frames. Your kid is free to imagine and create beautiful frames. They can use the frame to hold an art photo for the living room or a photo of their grandparents.

Small Catapult

They can use a simple block of wood, wooden clothespin, and other tools to make a simple catapult. This can be used to play but you need to make them use cotton balls for the projectiles to save your furniture.