Fine Art Shipping Near Me: Results an Asian Art Owner Will See

Fine Art Shipping Near Me Results an Asian Art Owner Will See

Asia is a young and quickly developing art market, with numerous creatives and art dealers residing in this part of the world. Thus, you may face the need to have your artwork or new purchases shipped to and from Asia on many occasions. Since the Asian shipping industry is pretty different from ours, and it’s rarely possible to ensure truly global coverage, we recommend that Asian art owners search for “fine art shipping near me” results and pick a trustworthy, credible company at their location. This way, they can guarantee that the art objects will be properly packaged, shipped, and insured at the place of their stay, traveling to other countries without risks and uncertainties.

Fine Art Shipping Near Me: Results an Asian Art Owner Will See

Here are the top three companies your “fine art shipping near me” search is likely to yield for Asia.

#1 Lotus Fine Arts

Lotus Fine Arts is a provider of premium-level fine art shipping services, with headquarters in Hong Kong. The company is known for hosting elite experts in art handling, storage, and installation. It is linked to all major art hubs in the world and can organize a shipment from Asia to any destination point.

#2 Helu-Trans

Another famous Asian art shipping company is Helu-Trans; it has been operating since 1979, so it has a track record of almost 45 years of expertise. The company’s name is widely famous among art collectors, auction houses, and art galleries in the Asian region, as Helu-Trans has built a solid reputation for top-notch quality and professionalism. It is based in Singapore.

#3 Agility

The list would be incomplete without Agility, a company with a team of 22,000+ professionally trained employees and a presence in 100+ countries. The international logistics provider handles art objects for art fairs, exhibitions, and individual shipping orders.

Fine Art Shippers Can Handle Your Asian Shipment in the USA

Once you have conducted the “fine art shipping near me” search and found a reliable local provider of art transportation services, it’s time to think of who will handle your shipment in the US. Each of the companies we discussed, and any other trustworthy service vendor, will partner with a reputable local shipper to ensure the art objects arrive at their destination safe and sound. Fine Art Shippers has worked with many Asia-USA shipping orders and can handle the US part of the shipping process without a problem. Contact us directly or give our contact information to your Asian shipper to organize a smooth transcontinental journey for your art possessions.