Fine Art Shipping: How to Ship a Sculpture?


National and international shipping of museum exhibits is very laborious and highly professional work. That’s why we highly recommend hiring only a proven service provider like Fine Art Shippers. We specialize in the transportation of fragile, valuable, and historically significant items, and we know that a very important element of this work is competent customs clearance with lots of documentation that should be agreed upon with the relevant authorities in advance. Moreover, there are also specific rules of fine art shipping, which include special permission. Paintings, sculptures, and other valuable items of creative arts, as well as museum exhibits, require compliance with the specific temperature and humidity levels that are necessary for their safety during transportation. Fine Art Shippers is ready to fulfill all the necessary conditions and can handle orders of any complexity. Expert art handling, art packing, secure crates, and safe shipping of sculptures are just some of the professional services that we provide.

Fine Art Shippers is always ready to give you a helping hand, whether you are shipping wood, bronze, marble, glass, concrete, steel, stone, plastic, or plaster sculptures. We offer only the best solutions for packing, crating, and shipping of art, no matter how heavy or, on the contrary, fragile the item is. The more information we receive about your sculpture, the better we can assess its needs. For this reason, it is important that you provide us with the following details:

1. Dimensions and weight of the item.

2. Sculpture’s medium: bronze, marble, glass, etc.

3. The value of the sculpture.

4. Additional characteristics: fragile, ornate, unique, etc.

5. Any other information that you consider important.

As for the transportation, you may be asked the following questions:

1. Where should the sculpture be picked up?

2. What is its final destination?

3. What is the place of delivery: your home or business address?

4. When does it need to be picked up and delivered?

5. Does the sculpture require any type of insurance?

Having received all the necessary information, we offer the best possible solution including an end-to-end service (fine art packing, secure crates, and safe shipping by land, sea, or air). It is also worth noting that Fine Art Shippers has all the needed equipment and professional staff for crate manufacture. We are one of a few companies able to crate absolutely any objects, even those with the most nonstandard and unusual shapes. Whatever your needs, we are always ready to help!