Fine Art Shippers vs. Regular Movers: What’s the Difference?

Fine Art Shippers vs. Regular Movers: What’s the Difference?

How are professional art shippers different from regular freight shippers? The distinction is critical when it comes to budgeting for the move. The following considerations will help you make the right decision based on what type of valuables you need to transport.

What Makes Art Shippers and Regular Movers Different?


Differences become apparent when you compare the mission and aims that each type of company pursues. The purpose of a standard shipping firm is to move any items to the desired destination. When objects are handled inside the truck, there is no distinction between them, and all of them are fastened together. Art movers focus on packing and shipping works of art and antiques. It makes them narrow specialists qualified for delicate tasks.


Ordinary freight movers are usually hired by people who want to relocate a lot of stuff at once. It means that such companies are snowed under by the repetitive routine, as they need to pack and handle multiple items quickly. This aspect makes regular moving services less customized, whereas art shipping service fosters an individual approach to every object. Art shippers pay attention to the age, materials, and condition of items to choose the right packing and handling strategy. Without it, something might get damaged during transportation.


Even though the services of these two types of companies may look similar, they have a different context. Take, for example, packing services and insurance. Professional art shippers use canvas shipping boxes and custom-built wooden crates, while regular movers opt for standard cardboard boxes. The same goes for insurance. Insuring artworks and insuring a home move are two different things. The fact is that homeowner insurance doesn’t cover artworks if you don’t have a separate policy for that.

What to Choose?

With all factors taken into consideration, you will not have problems choosing the right company. Keep it simple: if you need to move regular freight such as furniture, clothing, electronics, books, bathroom stuff, or any other day-to-day items, go for regular moving services. In contrast, contact fine art shippers if you deal with fragile and expensive works of art, antiques, collectibles, and breakables. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?