Essentials of Fine Art Insurance That Every Collector Should Know

Art insurance

No matter whether you wish to transport the artwork from one city to another or want to shoot it off on a round-the-world trip, you need fine art insurance. Even when relocating to the next street and having your artworks moved there on foot, you need to insure all of them properly. Why so? Things happen, and damage can occur in the most unexpected ways. So, if you don’t want a tiny skin of a banana on the way of your handler to decide the destiny of a $1,000,000-worth painting – insure your belongings! Here is a couple of tips essential for proper art insurance.

Why Care about Art Shipping Insurance?  

Having your property insured is critically important. Fine art requires adequate protection, whether it is stored, sold, bought, shipped, or displayed at the exhibitions. Any shipping is associated with risks of damage such as fire, natural disasters, theft, or damage because of improper handling or accidents at home or during transit. Include all these risks into your art insurance policy to be universally covered.

How to Insure Your Items When Shipping Art to the USA?  

When buying art insurance for your property, take into account that fine art is insured according to standards distinct from regular insurance rules. The coverage is estimated depending on each individual situation such as the type of artwork, the location of its storage or display, and the nature of insurer’s identity (whether it is an individual, a gallery, or a large commercial firm).

So, if you are planning to ship a work of art and want a guarantee of safe art transport under any conditions, we recommend buying the “all risks” insurance policy ensuring its universal, worldwide coverage from risks and hazards of any sort. Moreover, you will be offered to select either title insurance (the policy covering the owner against a defective title, suitable for high-value artworks that passed many hands) or property insurance (the policy covering the artwork against theft or any kind of damage). Choose the one that suits you best, depending on your individual case and purpose.

How Can Fine Art Shippers Help?  

Fine Art Shippers is a NY-based shipping and handling company with a solid track record of national and international shipping, fine art storage, insurance, and consultation. You can turn to us on any issue related to fine art and get professional assistance with insurance and management of all kinds of artworks. Get a free quote for the service you need today.