Eco-Art Packing

Eco Art Packing

Eco-Art Packing is a Poland-based company offering professional art logistics services to national and international clients. It has extensive experience working with art institutions and private clients domestically and globally. Eco-Art Packing takes an individualized approach to each order. The company designs and builds specialized art packaging for works of art and monuments in its professional facilities equipped with high-end technology and tools. Eco-Art Packing employs a highly skilled team. It takes into account the requirements of each piece and closely follows the wishes of clients to find a solution for any art transportation or packing need. The company also has specialized climate-controlled warehouses perfect for long- and short-term artwork storage. Eco-Art Packing ships domestically and internationally, offering transportation options by land, sea, and air. Its art vehicles are equipped with air suspension, strict temperature control, loading elevators, and cargo fastening systems. Apart from art logistics services, Eco-Art Packing offers advisory services to businesses and sells professional artwork packing materials in its online store. Fine Art Shippers is proud to be able to recommend services by Eco-Art Packing to our clients looking for top-tier solutions for art transportation, packing, and storage in Poland and Europe.