International Fine Art Shipping News

It is only November, but the leading international fine art shipping companies, art dealers, collectors, and world’s top jewelers and watchmakers are already getting ready for the most anticipated event in Miami Beach, devoted to jewelry, luxury watches, and antiques. The renowned show, which is now called the Miami Beach Jewelry & Watch Show, will take place on February 1-4, 2018, at Indian Beach Park located at 4601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL.

As a professional art shipping company operating both across the US and worldwide, at Fine Art Shippers, we are also getting ready for this important event. In fact, we already have many requests from international art dealers from Mexico, who will take part in the Miami Beach Jewelry & Watch Show in February. For this reason, our team spent a week visiting the Plaza del Angel Antique Center in Mexico City, Mexico, and talking to many local dealers. It was a memorable trip for us, full of new experiences and acquaintances. Besides, it allowed us to further develop our partnership with Mexican art dealers and improve our international art work shipping services. However, let us first give you a clue about such a great place as the Plaza del Angel Antique Center in Mexico City.

Plaza del Angel Antique CenterLocated at the heart of Zona Rosa, the Plaza del Angel Antique Center is a popular shopping plaza offering numerous antique and collectible items, including vintage furniture, sacred religious art, rare books, valuable china, and antique armor. Once you are there, you will feel yourself like traveling back in time, which makes the Plaza del Angel a perfect place for both serious collectors looking for something unique and antique lovers who enjoy the charming shops packed with all kinds of collectibles. It is also worth noting that, in addition to the traditional flea market, the Plaza del Angel is known for its outdoor flea market called the Opportunities Market, featuring more than 100 vendors from all over the country. This place is definitely worth visiting, especially if you are a true connoisseur of art and antiques.

As an international fine art shipping company, we are constantly working on expanding our services, and now we are planning to arrange a direct shuttle from Mexico City to the Miami Beach Jewelry & Watch Show in February. Stay with us to know more about this new route and our further collaboration with international art dealers from Mexico! Below are several photos from our trip to Mexico City.