Bart Hess: How to Ship Artworks by Famous Artists

Bart Hess: How to Ship Paintings by Famous Artists

Not long ago, Fine Art Shippers shipped a four-piece series of mannequins designed by the prominent Dutch designer Bart Hess. “The Unwearable Collection” had to be delivered from Danbury, Connecticut, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to be presented at the conference devoted to generalized pustular psoriasis (GPP), a rare chronic skin disease that causes flares on the skin to erupt all over the body. The whole collection was inspired by hearing accounts from patients and hence was the creative embodiment of the physical and emotional pain that patients go through. It was not the first time for us to ship artworks by famous artists, so we did our best to ensure the safety of transportation of highly fragile items.

“The Unwearable Collection” by Bart Hess

GPP is a potentially life-threatening disease that leads to death due to possible complications from renal failure or sepsis. Very few people understand its severity, which is why pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim enlisted Bart Hess to create the art project that would reflect the scope of pain and suffering that the diseased have to live through. The series consists of four eight-foot costumes, or mannequins, each depicting a special kind of style. Fashion allowed Bart Hess to turn real patients’ thoughts into tangible works of art.

The unusual campaign aims to raise people’s awareness about GPP in the country. You can visit other conferences of the organization in the nearest towns and cities around you to find out more about the rare disease. As for our team, the way we ship artworks by famous artists didn’t change, so we traditionally treated the fragile sculptures as carefully as possible. What is so special about them?

How to Ship Artworks by Famous Artists?

Bart Hess’ works are known for their extreme abstractness, which makes his art especially problematic for shipping. Given the nature of the sculptures, we had to take into account every nuance to handle and deliver them safely and securely. Fortunately, we ship artworks by famous artists regularly, so we know the ins and outs of safe transportation.

The safety of delivered pieces is always our top priority, especially when we transport items that shed light on the rare skin disease that more people should be aware of. In case you need to ship artworks by famous artists in the US or abroad, feel free to contact our company and ask the managers for help. Fine Art Shippers always finds creative solutions to the thorniest art shipping problems!