Banksy Mural in Hull to Be Moved into Storage

This year has brought us a wide variety of new Banksy murals, both large and small, painted on the walls of old and rundown houses, semi-derelict buildings, road signs, and elsewhere around the world. Let’s just remember the latest Banksy murals discovered in Paris or the incredible creations by this renowned English graffiti artist, which appeared in New York City this March. One more noteworthy Banksy mural that was found this year is in Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Depicting a boy with a colander on his head, sitting on top of another piece of graffiti and holding a wooden sword with a pencil on its tip, this distinctive stencil work painted on the raised bridge in Scott Street soon became one of the major attractions of the city. After all, it was the first genuine Banksy mural to appear in Hull!

According to Hull City Council, both sides of Scott Street Bridge, which has been closed to vehicles since 1995, will be removed for repairs to keep river traffic safe. As for the Banksy mural, it will be extracted from the bridge and moved into storage until it is decided how this unique piece of street art culture should be redisplayed. The entire work is said to take up to six months.

At Fine Art Shippers, we know how challenging it is to ship fine art like this beautiful Banksy mural. Shipping and moving Banksy walls can be very complicated, and not only because these large works of art are estimated at hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars each. The fact is that while Banksy murals look very durable and sturdy, they can be easily damaged while being extracted from the wall and moved to another place. For this reason, it is very important to entrust this delicate job to only an experienced fine art moving company able to work as a team with engineers, builders, and art restorers.

It is also worth noting that the Banksy mural in Hull is not the only artwork by the mysterious street artist that will be moved into storage this year. Fine Art Shippers is currently doing the same job in New York, and we are very proud to be chosen among many other reputable art shipping companies in the city. Our affordable pricing for shipping and moving Banksy walls, paired with years of experience, has made our team the best option for this kind of work!