Art Packing Materials for 3D Artwork

When it comes to the safe transportation of art, there are two major things to consider. First of all, even if you already have certain experience in packing and moving art, it does not mean that you do not need to order professional fine art shipping services in NYC. After all, moving oversized sculptures, large valuable paintings, museum-quality exhibits, and other delicate or non-standard art objects is impossible without expert help.

Secondly, the safety of your artwork largely depends on how it is packed. We already wrote about the main rules of packing when shipping 3D artwork, but it won’t be superfluous to remind you about the importance of using only high-quality art packing supplies. Knowing which materials should be used on which artwork is something we at Fine Art Shippers are experts in. Here are several tips from our art packers in case you are going to pack your art on your own.


Durable cardboard is actually a very useful material for packing and moving art. First of all, corrugated cardboard boxes are a great way to pack and store some kinds of art. Secondly, cardboard can be used as a slip-free base inside a vehicle to prevent artworks from sliding and slipping while in transit.


Foam is usually used as a barrier between the artwork and its surroundings, as well as a padding material to keep the item safe from damage. For packing 3D artwork, you can use Zotefoam, Plastazote, Volara foam, Ethafoam, Sonofoam, and some other types of foam, though it is better to consult art packers regarding your particular artwork first.


When it comes to wrapping artwork, the most popular packing material is bubble wrap. It is most commonly used for protecting oddly shaped pieces and delicate glassware. However, other kinds of artwork are also often wrapped in bubble wrap, but be careful with oil and wax paintings as bubbles can damage their surface.


The largest and the most valuable 3D artworks should be transported in wooden crates designed specifically for them. In such a case, you need to order professional art packing and crating services from a reliable art moving company.

Whatever questions you have and whatever assistance you need, feel free to contact our team for an expert consultation. We will help you protect your precious art pieces and ensure they are delivered in their pristine condition.