Art Moving Transport Selection and Specialized Equipment Review

Art Moving Transport Selection and Specialized Equipment Review

Have you purchased a new item for your art collection and need to have it shipped to your location? A regular shipping service won’t do, as you definitely need a professional provider of art shipping services. Working with such companies guarantees that your valuable possessions travel in specialized art moving transport and are kept intact and secure throughout the process of transit.

Art Moving Transport Selection and Specialized Equipment Review

So, which parameters should your art moving transport match? Here are a couple of key considerations that form the standard of professional fine art shipping practices.

#1 Climate Control

Fine art is very delicate, so it doesn’t stand temperature and humidity fluctuations and can quickly degrade in inappropriate conditions. That’s why it is so important to guarantee a stable, well-controlled environment for artworks and antiques during their transportation. So, it makes sense to work with shipping companies that have art shuttles with a climate control system to match your art objects’ needs.

#2 Shock Absorption System

Roads can be bumpy and uneven at times, so there is a need for thorough protection of shipped items from physical damage during transportation. To guarantee these protective measures, art shipping companies should equip their vehicles with shock amortization and compression systems.

#3 Secure Locks and Cameras

Fine art’s value often exceeds all thinkable and unthinkable limits, measured in terms of cultural significance and rarity and not in terms of physical components. That’s why a tiny painting may cost a fortune, and its proper protection from thieves or vandals is a must throughout the entire trip. For this reason, all art shuttles traveling across the country are sealed and locked during the period of transit to avoid unauthorized access to the art freight.

#4 Professional Drivers

Art shuttles should be operated by experienced, careful drivers with attention to detail, punctuality, and careful art handling in mind. Therefore, an art shipping company should take proper care of driver recruitment and double-check the drivers’ skills and values when assigning them to art transportation.

Art Shuttle Service by Fine Art Shippers Is What You Need

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