Art Handling Tips from Art Movers in New York City

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Improper handling is one of the biggest risk exposures for damage of art and antiques. For this reason, most artists, dealers, and collectors prefer to hire experienced art movers in New York City each time they need to move their precious collections. Moreover, since a professional fine art shipping company in NYC can offer not only art and antique moving services but also a whole range of packing, crating, installation, and storage solutions, to hire such a team is always a smart decision. This is especially true when it comes to the international transportation of very fragile and valuable pieces. In such a case, to hire experienced art movers in New York City is essential!

Anyway, whether you decide to entrust your treasured collection to professional art movers in New York City, or you are planning to move it on your own, the first thing you should do is assess whether each piece is stable enough to be transported. This applies to the item’s condition, structure, and moving requirements as well. The more you know, the better you can protect the artwork and avoid its damage in transit. Here are several art handling tips from art movers in New York City:

Paintings and works on paper

  • Examine the overall condition of the artwork and inspect it for deformations or unusual bulges.
  • Check the painting for any losses in the paint layer, cracks, and lifting.
  • Review the hinges and the glazing.


  • Check the frame for any open or loose joints at the corners.
  • Assess the gilded finish for cracks and areas of lifting and loss.
  • Pay special attention to central cartouches and adorned corners of the frame as they are the most fragile elements.


  • Check the item, especially ceramic and porcelain pieces, for repairs and cracks.
  • Examine a 3D artwork for any joints to understand how it was assembled.
  • Determine if the sculpture is properly secured to its pedestal and whether it can be moved mounted.

Antique furniture

  • Secure slide-out surfaces, doors, drawers, and other moving components.
  • Check for delamination of veneer, carvings, and moldings.
  • Assess the gilded finish for cracks and check each piece for broken or loose rails, legs, arms, etc.

All the above information is needed to decide what packing materials to choose and how to transport your precious collection. If you need any help or simply do not want to risk the safety of your art and antiques, hire professional art movers in New York City! Fine Art Shippers is always at your disposal!