Antique Furniture Care Tips

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It’s not a secret that smartly selected elite antique furniture can accentuate the status of its owners and their impeccable taste. Nevertheless, it is unwise to purchase such a luxury if you know nothing about antique furniture care. We already wrote about the transportation of antique and fragile artworks, as well as offered some antique shipping tips in previous articles, but now let’s look at some important rules that can help you keep your treasured possessions in their pristine condition.

1. It is strictly forbidden to move antique furniture on the floor. You should always remember that the paint or patina that has been damaged due to unskillful handling cannot be restored.

2. Direct sunlight adversely affects the antique wood. It dries out and loses color within only several days. In this way, always use thick curtains to protect the ancient surface from the negative sun’s effect. Moreover, keep away your antique chest of drawers, old wardrobe, or a priceless chair from the source of the constant air movement, the vent hole, and the heating element like a radiator.

3. The quality of the air in the room should be carefully monitored. A too dry or too humid environment will cause irreparable harm to the antique wooden furniture. An air dryer will correct the situation with the increased humidity. In the colder months or the heating season, a humidifier will increase the moisture level in the surrounding atmosphere.

4. Make sure that the wood is not infested with insects and other parasites that can severely damage the appearance of furniture and in a short time bring it into disrepair. In case of insect infestation, immediately call professional pest exterminators.

5. Antique furniture should be periodically cleaned of dust and polishing. However, wet cleaning for such a purpose is not recommended. It is much better to use a soft, dry cloth and a special agent that prevents dust from settling on the furniture.

6. Use a soft brush to remove dust from hand-carved furniture and refined ornamental elements. Do not polish gold and brass handles to prevent damage to the original finishing!

7. The procedure of deep polishing is recommended twice a year, but you should remember that most of the famous patented cleaning agents are not suitable for antique furniture. Thereby, the best solution is to use the services of the professional restoration workshop.

Follow these simple antique furniture care tips to save the elegant luxury of your precious possessions in your home. Do not forget about the balance of temperature and humidity! It will protect antique items from destruction. Finally, if you need to ship antique furniture, do not do it on your own! Use the services of a professional fine art shipping company. We are always ready to help!