5 Packaging Tips for Shipping Candles Carefully

5 Packaging Tips for Shipping Candles Carefully

Candles are some of the most delicate, gentle, and fragile items. They demand proper attention and care, especially when we need to transport them. You can make their safe delivery to the customers with the help of these 5 packaging tips.

Read this blog to learn the effective ways to deliver candle items in safe and sound condition to your customers.

1. Choose Durable Materials

Choose a material that best suits your delicate and mild candle. Corrugated material is a great option to safely ship your items to the destination without creating damage or loss to the candles during transit.

Corrugated boxes are durable and can bear heavy jerks during transit. This material provides high safety due to its corrugated layers between the two sides, plain layers of paper materials. These layers increase the strength of the packaging and save the candle items during shipment.

2. Customize Candle Boxes

Customized packaging provides you with an opportunity to make your candle boxes a better fit for your candle products so that there are fewer chances of getting damage to the candles during shipment. You can customize candle boxes according to the size and shape of your items. Get it done with your reliable packaging partner OXO Packaging. Customizing your candle boxes can help you safely deliver your items to their destination.

3. Use Inserts for Safe Shipment

You can minimize the chances of damaging your candles by using the proper inserts. The inserts will fix your pieces in the packaging and won’t allow them to move around the box, helping them remain safe in transit.

You can use a variety of inserts, such as foam, corrugated or cardboard dividers, papers, and wood pulp. These inserts can help you deliver your candle to the customer safe and sound, making them delighted with your shipping and transportation services.

4. Print Relevant Instructions

To deliver delicate, soft, and fragile items to distant places, you need to follow many step-by-step instructions and tips to ensure their safe and sound delivery. You can enhance the possibility of safe shipment by printing instructions for your shippers. You can use images, along with printed written instructions, to make it easy and convenient for the relevant persons.

5. Use Ropes and Other Relevant Materials

Tighten your packages after packing your candles in the boxes properly to avoid loss or damage to your products during shipment. You can make your customers happy and increase your customer experience with the proper attention to detail.