3 Other Services Art Storage Companies Provide Besides Storage

3 Other Services Art Storage Companies Provide Besides Storage

You can probably tell what art storage services do just from their name alone. However, fine art storage is more than simply putting artworks into a storage unit and forgetting about them. Otherwise, experts who handle works of art professionally would not be required to go through years of training. If you were wondering what art storage companies do, here are three other services you can usually expect to receive from them.

3 Other Services Art Storage Companies Provide Besides Storage

When you hire a professional art storage company, you get a package deal with several other services necessary to ensure the safety of your valuables. They are often included in the total price for storing artwork in a specialized facility.

1. Art transportation

Enlisting an artwork transportation service is not always necessary. However, if your artwork is large, heavy, or valuable, you will benefit tremendously from it. Fine art storage service providers usually handle the relocation of your valuables. That helps minimize the chance of them getting damaged on their way to the storage facility.

2. Art packing and crating

Artwork cannot be stored unprotected. To prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on top of your possessions, you have to pack them before storage. In certain cases, it might be difficult to figure out the proper packing techniques or find the right materials on your own. Fine art storage services are happy to help you prepare your valuables for storage. They have the experience and materials at their disposal, so packing or crating a work of art on-site or at the company’s location is not an issue.

3. Inventory management

Another commonly overlooked part of art storage is inventory management. When storing artwork at home, you most likely do not keep records of every piece you own (even though experts recommend doing that). However, neat and organized records are absolutely essential when it comes to professional artwork storage. Art storage companies keep inventories of all valuables, which usually include the name of their owner, the date they were admitted to storage, the materials they are made from, their condition, and more.

As you can see, when you opt for a professional art storage service, you get way more than just storage. This is why seasoned collectors and art institutions prefer specialized art storage to self-storage.