Why Art Storage Services Are the Backbone of the Art Industry

Why Art Storage Services Are the Backbone of the Art Industry

Have you ever wondered about how art collectors, artists, galleries, museums, and art institutions take care of their collections? Your mind might go directly to conservation work, which is logical but only one part of the truth. In reality, the measures you take to prevent art damage are just as important as the things you do to fix it. This is why art storage services lay at the core of the fine art industry. Here are three things art storage companies protect art collections from.

Why Art Storage Services Are the Backbone of the Art Industry


Art is one of the most fragile things in the world, especially when considering older pieces that gain signs of deterioration as they age. This world is full of factors that can ruin a work of art. Things like light, air, extreme temperatures, and water are the main enemies of art and are notoriously difficult to control in an at-home setting. However, their influence can be easily minimized by creating a controlled environment.

Art storage facilities exist for that very reason: they store art in climate-controlled units with stable humidity and temperature levels and limited light exposure. Besides, all art objects are packed before storage using high-quality, professional materials.


When storing large amounts of items in one place, it is easy to lose track of your valuables. This is never an issue at professional fine art storage facilities because they employ high-quality inventory management systems. Expert art handles, the specialists responsible for managing and taking care of works of art while they remain in storage, keep track of the artwork’s location within the storage facility and its condition.


Art theft is one of the main worries clients have when entrusting their valuable collections to third-party companies. Fortunately, fine art storage companies take care of this issue by having strict access control, burglar alarms, and CCTV monitoring in place. With several security systems operating inside the facility at all times, you can rest assured that your valuables are completely protected from intruders.

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