Thought-Provoking Contemporary Art at Booth Gallery

Contemporary art is diverse. It can take any form. It can be quiet and loud, beautiful and shocking, provocative and captivating at the same time. Being an art mover in New York means being able to handle any kind of artwork because this city is full of art in all its many forms. Moreover, a professional art mover should be able to pack and move artwork of any size, shape, and weight. At Fine Art Shippers, we are exactly the art movers you are looking for in NYC! We love art, and we have years of experience handling, packing, and shipping artwork both nationally and internationally. Besides, we also offer art consulting services, helping people choose the right art pieces, and we can give advice on where to find modern and contemporary art for any taste. For example, if you love surrealist, figurative, and thought-provoking art, Booth Gallery is among the first galleries to be recommended by each art mover on our team!

Booth Gallery

Booth Gallery is the second art gallery in New York opened by Paul Booth, who is also the founder of Last Rites Gallery. Both galleries are located at 325 West 38th Street, each offering an extensive selection of contemporary art by local and international artists who are not afraid to experiment and explore their creativity. In particular, Booth Gallery features works by Horacio Quiroz, Odd Nerdrum, Alex Kanevsky, Ashley Oubre, Henrik Uldalen, Ekaterina Panikanova, and many other talented artists from all over the world. This amazing gallery is definitely worth visiting!