The Unique Galeyev Gallery in Moscow, Russia

While Fine Art Shippers is headquartered in New York City, we can ship artwork to literally anywhere in the world thanks to our offices and representatives in Europe and Asia. As a result, our team collaborates with many international galleries, museums, auction houses, and other institutions, providing them with a full range of art logistics services. In particular, we can easily ship artwork to and from Russia, which allows us to serve art business professionals, collectors, and artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities. For example, Fine Art Shippers works with Galeyev Gallery, a renowned art gallery located right in the heart of Moscow’s cultural and historical center.

Galeyev Gallery

Opened in 2006, Galeyev Gallery is now one of the most important art galleries specializing in the 20th-century Russian art of the pre-World War II era. Moreover, unlike many other prominent Russian galleries, it is focused on unknown artworks of the period, introducing them to a wide public at well-curated exhibitions and shows. Besides, Galeyev Gallery manages corporate and private art collections, and also provides a variety of expert auction services worldwide. It is also worth noting that this unique gallery is additionally known for publishing a series of significant scientific monographs on lesser-known artists working in the 1920s – 1930s, thus filling in the gaps of Russian art history.

It is always an honor and a big pleasure for Fine Art Shippers to ship artwork for Galeyev Gallery, and we definitely recommend this outstanding Moscow-based gallery to all connoisseurs of 20th-century Russian art!