Protecting Your Property During Art Relocation from New York

Protecting Your Property During Art Relocation from New York

If you’re a New York art owner, art dealer, or creative artist selling your artworks to individuals and galleries, you’ll require the service of art relocation from New York from time to time. Which provider should you choose for this delicate and meticulous task? How to secure your precious possessions for safe, fully protected transportation? Here is a brief breakdown of the basic safety precautions you should follow.

How to Protect Your Property During Art Relocation from New York?

Whatever the type of art you’re shipping and the distance it will cover during transit, there are some universal rules for securing its intactness during transit.

#1 Safe, Comprehensive Packaging

Professional art handlers use a variety of packaging materials, each fitting a specific art object. Thus, it’s appropriate to hire a team of experienced art movers to have your artwork assessed in terms of the quantity and type of packaging it requires. Experts usually use acid-free, durable materials with eco-friendly contents to achieve a double aim: securing your art objects inside out and avoiding over-packing for the sake of business sustainability. Fine Art Shippers team members usually use special art plastic, archival tissue paper, glassine paper, kraft bubble, and durable cardboard to package art objects safely and efficiently.

#2 Proper Labeling

Once you prepare fine art, sculpture, fragile porcelain, or antiques for art relocation from New York, it’s imperative to label all boxes in which they will travel. The “fragile” label and precise indication of the object’s top, bottom, and dimensions can help art handlers who will manage the freight at different stages of transit, allowing them to move the box correctly without damaging the inner content.

#3 Customized Crating

International shipping is impossible without customized crating because insurance companies require extra protection for the objects they cover. Besides, your artwork will change many hands during international travel. So, you can sleep well at night knowing that your possessions are securely fixed in a sturdy wooden crate built based on the artwork’s unique dimensions. All crates are made of durable and strong materials that can withstand much pressure or physical shocks, thus serving as a safe container for your property.

Entrust Your Art Relocation to Experts

Whenever you need help with art relocation from New York to other US locations or internationally, you can always rely on the professional assistance of Fine Art Shippers. We can complete this task with proper regard to shipping rules and precautions, giving your art belongings the treatment they need to stay safe and sound throughout the entire transit.