New York Estate Moving Companies and Services They Offer

New York Estate Moving Companies and Services They Offer

Estate moving can be a very emotional experience. When people have to part with things and places they have an emotional attachment to, it is usually difficult for them to think about anything else, let alone logistics. In times of dramatic change, you need all the support you can get. To ensure your comfort, you can always enlist the help of New York estate moving companies. Here are some of the services you can expect to receive from them.

New York Estate Moving Companies and Services They Offer

Inventorization and sorting

Inventorizing is the first and necessary step of any move. When moving an entire estate worth of valuables, it is important to keep track of everything, including small details. That can be quite overwhelming, but New York estate moving experts can help you figure out this dire task.

Transportation and distribution

Estate moving often involves sending large amounts of objects to different locations, for example, charities, auction houses, or other homes. Professional estate movers can deal with the distribution and shipping of valuables and ensure that all of them arrive at their destinations in perfect condition.


Packing is another part of estate moving everyone dreads, and for a good reason. After all, no one likes making a mess of packing supplies and having to clean up piles of cardboard and bubble wrap afterward. Expert movers can pack anything, from fine art paintings and sculptures to antique furniture, using their own professional materials and supplies.


When sending the estate’s contents to an auction house or another place, you will, most likely, want to insure them. Most New York estate moving companies offer insurance services to cover the full value of antiques, fine art, jewelry, fine china, and other valuables you might own in transit. However, you will first need to get the items appraised since proof of value is required for insurance purposes.

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