Modern and Contemporary Art at India Art Fair

Indian Art Fair

Indian culture, with its history and traditions going back thousands of years, makes every tourist visiting the country feel a shiver of sheer delight. The reason is profound cultural origins that are now an integral part of Indian modern and contemporary art. This can be clearly seen at India Art Fair, the biggest art event in India’s cultural calendar. If you have ever wished to plunge into the exotic world of South Asian art, then this amazing fair is the best to start.

The 2020 edition of India Art Fair will be held at NSIC Exhibition Grounds in the capital city of New Delhi. The 12,000-square-meter venue will be home to a wide range of Indian galleries, large-scale art installations, live performances, screenings, and many other riveting activities. The event will be happening from January 30 to February 2, 2020.

The power of modern and contemporary art in one place

India Art Fair is known for its great selection of top-notch artworks by both local and international artists represented by the galleries from around Asia, Europe, North and South America. The 2020 edition will be no exception, with numerous fabulous and thrilling pieces of modern and contemporary art brought together into one place to the delight of art lovers and seasoned collectors from all over the world.

The main feature and focus of this massive show will be Indian art that has succeeded in saving cultural traditionalism and fusing it with contemporary canons. The upcoming fair will allow everyone to view the deep context through the works and images created by the industrious Indian artists and hence get to know the history and life of Indian people deeper. Overall, India Art Fair will be a somewhat excursus into the past and future of India at the same time. The show is definitely worth visiting, especially by those who love unique contemporary art.

Photo credit: Wikipedia User DiplomatTesterMan / CC0 1.0