Labeling Your Artwork: Art Storage and Shipping Advice for Artists

Labeling Your Artwork: Art Storage and Shipping Advice for Artists

How important is it to label your artwork? When it comes to art storage and shipping, correctly labeling your pieces can be crucial to their safety. Are you wondering why that is and what the proper rules for labeling your packaged artwork are? Continue reading this blog post to find out.

Why Is Labeling Crucial in Art Storage and Shipping?

To put it simply, labeling is a description of your artwork, which is always visible to you and everyone who comes in contact with it. A label gives instructions to art handlers on how to treat your work of art. It can also help you remember which artwork is which. But simply putting a sticker that says “fragile” on a box or a crate might not be enough. So, how should an artist go about labeling their artwork for storage and shipping?


How to Label Your Artwork

Inside the packaging

Before putting your artwork in a box or a crate, it is highly recommended that you write down the materials and techniques you used to create your work of art on its reverse side. You can also print out a label and tape it to the back of your framed piece or canvas stretch bar. Make sure that the paper you use for labels is acid-free and the ink will not fade easily.

There are several reasons for documenting the details of your artwork’s history, such as signing it and writing down the date of its execution. First, it will help art conservators and historians of the future evaluate your piece and reconstruct its provenance. Besides, art handlers will be able to better adjust their approach according to the unique requirements of your work, such as the materials used in its creation. In addition, you can always add your contact information somewhere where it will be visible.

Outside the packaging

Once you have packed your creations in boxes and ensured they are sealed properly, you can start the labeling process. Writing the name of the painting will help you know which piece you have put in which box. If your piece does not have a distinctive name, write a short description of it. Instead of writing the artwork’s title, you can print a smaller version of it and tape it to the box.

Do not forget to take these basic protective measures approved by art storage and shipping experts. Labeling your artwork is a simple but sure way to make the art handling process easier for you and your fine art movers.