How to Store Art in a Storage Unit? A Beginner’s Safety Guide

How to Store Art in a Storage Unit? A Beginner’s Safety Guide

When you start planning for art storage, a storage unit may be a viable and cost-effective option, provided that you organize everything well. Here is a guide that clarifies how to store art in a storage unit without the risk of damage to your precious belongings. Follow these steps to create a safe space for your collection.

How to Store Art in a Storage Unit? A Beginner’s Safety Guide

Choosing the Unit

The first step in ensuring your art’s safe and convenient storage is selecting the right storage unit type. It must be a climate-controlled unit with all security measures put in place. You should also double-check for cleanliness – the unit itself and the facility in which it is located should be clean and fully compliant with sanitation norms to prevent pest and dust accumulation on your property.

Artwork Preparation

Now that you have the right storage unit for keeping art, it’s time to get your artwork ready for storage. Inspect the object and perform its gentle cleaning to make sure you address all issues before storage. It is imperative to remove all problems like removing dust and dirt before you package art; this way, it will be better protected from deterioration.

Professional Packaging

Use UV-protective class for framed art to ensure it doesn’t suffer from light damage. Wrap the painting in non-adhesive, professional wrapping materials (e.g., glassine paper or tissue paper with zero acid content). Apply a layer of bubble wrap afterwards to give your artwork additional protection from physical damage.

Next, you need to package art in sturdy cardboard boxes so that they protect the artwork at all stages of handling. Add padding to fill the free space in the box and avoid the artwork’s movement inside it. Use edge and corner protectors for framed art to prevent the frame’s damage.

Art Transportation Tips

The rule of thumb is to handle artwork gently in the process of transportation. Don’t stack several boxes with artwork on top of each other; it’s safer to place them vertically side by side. Safe moving is also possible with the help of professional dollies and moving carts that may prevent damage from dropping artwork.

Final Recommendations

Once your art gets to the storage unit, you should place it for storage vertically, at an elevated platform (e.g., shelves or pallets), so that the boxes are protected from flood and humidity. Divide artwork by foam sheets or other dividers to ensure there is some space and adequate air circulation between them.

Now, you know how to store art in a storage unit. However, if you are still not sure, consider professional art storage services. Contact Fine Art Shippers with any questions or concerns you might have.