How to Protect Your Art Shipment?

Art Shipment

If you are an art business professional or a lucky owner of a collection of vintage and valuable artworks, then, at some point or another, you may need to get your belongings transported or shipped to a new location. Sometimes, you can certainly do this on your own; however, in many other cases, you need specialist shippers of fine art. This is especially true when it comes to shipping antique clocks, multi-ton antique sculptures, expensive paintings, or other important pieces of art. Whether you are an artist, an avid participator in online auctions, an art dealer, or simply do not want your precious family heirlooms to be damaged during relocation, Fine Art Shippers is the right place to come!

As you know, art packing and shipping require special attention, skill, and expertise from everyone involved. Only in case you choose a full-service transportation option, you can forget about all the worries and stress as professional art handlers will take care of your art shipment every step of the way. However, in case you are going to prepare your valuables for transportation yourself and order only art moving services, you should consider several important things.

Preparing for artwork transportation

  • Packing

Since each artwork is unique, there are no two similar methods of art packing. For example, not all paintings can be rolled as this can ruin the finish and crack the paint, and not all fabrics can be transported in plastic. Thereby, you need to learn more about different art packing methods and choose only high-quality packing materials able to protect your particular artwork.

  • Crating

Most valuable, fragile, and odd-shaped art and antique pieces should be transported in durable wood crates built to their exact specifications and moving requirements. You will need time for it, so it is always better to start your preparation for artwork transportation ahead.

  • Insurance

To insure your art shipment is undoubtedly a wise decision for two reasons. First of all, this will protect your peace of mind. Secondly, in case something happens in transit, you will get decent compensation from the insurance company.

If you are not sure you can properly prepare your artwork for transportation, it is better to order specialist services from a professional art shipping company. Moreover, they won’t cost you a fortune if you deal with Fine Art Shippers. Contact us now for more detailed information!