How to Box Art for Storage? Tips and Hacks to Help You Out

How to Box Art for Storage

There’s nothing more rewarding than admiring your valuable collectibles hanging on the walls in your home or office. Yet, at times, you will need to send these objects to storage for the period of the building’s renovation or while preparing for relocation. If you’re getting your artwork ready for transportation to a local storage unit and wonder how to box art for storage, look through the tips below. They will help you organize the packaging for your precious possessions like a pro.

How to Box Art for Storage? Tips and Hacks to Help You Out

Packing art for storage, regardless of the duration, is a responsible task that requires proper preparation. Your artwork will spend some time in an environment you can’t carefully control or configure. That’s why you should minimize your property’s exposure to any risks and potential damages with comprehensive packaging.

The first step is collecting all the materials you will need for boxing your artwork. It should be a sturdy cardboard box made of acid-free materials. Make sure you choose a box that’s 1.5-2 inches larger than your art object on all sides. This precaution will help you place the packaged and cushioned artwork into the box without a problem.

Next, you should have acid-free glassine paper, archival tissue paper, or art plastic for artwork wrapping; these materials are non-adhesive, so they will not stick to the artwork’s surface. Cushioning is usually done with the help of bubble wrap, which may be applied in several layers to guarantee the art piece’s compression in case of any physical shock.

If you’re packing a framed painting, you can remove the frame to protect the piece from damage if the glass breaks in transit and to make the size of the box smaller. Yet, if that’s impossible or undesirable, you can pack a framed painting by covering the glass with blue tape that will keep the glass together in case of breakage. Besides, it’s vital to take proper care of corner protection. It can be arranged with the help of cardboard or foam corner protectors that are placed onto all corners before wrapping the item in bubble wrap.

Fine Art Shippers Can Help with Art Packing

Still unsure about how to box art for storage or having doubts about whether you can do it all professionally and safely? Fine Art Shippers can help you out by preparing your artwork for storage. We can come to your location and properly pack the artwork to ensure it stays safe and sound throughout the whole storage process. Call us today for more details!