How to Box Art for Storage: Storing Paintings Like a Pro

How to Box Art for Storage: Storing Paintings Like a Pro

Most art packing tips you can find online deal with preparing artwork for transportation. It is true that when artwork is shipped, it gets exposed to various dangerous situations. No wonder, more than half of art insurance claims come from damage during transportation. However, protecting art in storage is just as important as protecting it in transit. Today, you will learn how to box art for storage and take care of paintings, prints, and other two-dimensional pieces like a pro.

How to Box Art for Storage: Storing Paintings Like a Pro

Protect the surface

The surface of your painting is its most important and visible part. That is why it should always be protected from dust, light, and moisture, especially during long-term storage. Before putting your paintings inside a box, make sure they are wrapped in a layer of acid-free paper. This is especially crucial when storing unframed works of art that can oxidize and deteriorate from coming into contact with the outside world.

Protect the corners

The chances of you chipping a corner of your framed painting during storage are lower than during transit. However, it is still better to be safe. For example, you can use acid-free cardboard corner protectors for your paintings and prints.

Use two boxes or double-wall boxes

What is better than one box? Two boxes! Do not be afraid to double the number of boxes you are using to pack your art, especially when it comes to heavier pieces. You can also get double-wall cardboard boxes that have similar characteristics. Two layers of protection will also help you keep the moisture further away from your artwork.

Fill boxes with cushioning materials

Simply putting your valuables in a box and forgetting about them will not cut it. You should always provide cushioning materials, such as bubble wrap or soft foam, when packing your works of art for storage, especially if you store several pieces in one box. It is okay to store several paintings or other two-dimensional pieces together, but do not forget to place dividers between them to prevent them from cracking.

There are many things in this world that can cause damage to delicate objects like paintings, so knowing how to box art for storage is an essential skill for all art lovers. By following the basic rules of art preservation, you can ensure your art collection stays in immaculate condition for years to come.