Fine Art Transport Services for Christie’s and Its Clients

Fine Art Transport Services for Christie’s and Its Clients

There are many world-known names in the art industry, but Christie’s always stands apart from the crowd. This auction house, with a long history and a glorious track record in the area of art sales, has over 50 offices in 30+ countries. Participants of Christie’s auctions reserve their spots long in advance and use premium-level fine art transport services to have their artwork delivered to and from the auction’s venues.

As the items sold at Christie’s are often rare, delicate, and demanding special treatment throughout the whole transportation process, it’s vital to engage only experienced shippers to handle these precious items without risk and damage. At Fine Art Shippers, we have already accumulated the necessary experience in auction shipping, which allows us to exhibit mastery in packaging, handling, and transporting high-end artworks on demand of Christie’s clients who entrust their belongings to us.

Fine Art Shippers: Your Trusted Art Shipping Partner

New York is one of the most attended Christie’s sales platforms, along with Geneva, London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Mumbai. Fine Art Shippers has been honored to partner directly with Christie’s New York and its numerous clients by delivering unique works of art to their new homes.

If you have bought an item at Christie’s New York, you can easily have it shipped across the USA with the help of the Fine Art Shippers art shuttle. We deliver expertly organized, timely, and fully safe shipping services to all artwork types regardless of their state and fragility. Fine Art Shippers also provides international art transportation services, offering both door-to-door and door-to-airport options. For those who sell art pieces via Christie’s, we can arrange the delivery of your valuables from any location in the US to the auction house in New York.

Enjoy Dependable Fine Art Transport Services to/from Christie’s

If you’re planning to get your precious belongings shipped to or from Christie’s New York, don’t agree to less than professional, end-to-end fine art transport services from expert providers. Fine Art Shippers possesses in-depth experience in the niche of luxury art shipping and handling. With a long track record of working with auction houses and collectors, we know all the nuances of safe transportation. We guarantee a safe journey for your long-awaited art whatever the destination.