Fine Art Courier Services: The Right Option for City-Dwellers

Fine Art Courier Services

As a fine art logistics company based in New York, we know better than anyone that life in a big city can get very hectic. This is especially true when it comes to transportation, not to mention artwork shipping. We completely understand that the livelihood of many artists and the success of art shows often depend on timely and safe delivery. This is why we at Fine Art Shippers offer specialized fine art courier services. Read on to find out why it is a perfect solution for big city dwellers who are constantly in a rush.


Fine Art Courier Services: The Right Option for City-Dwellers


For New Yorkers, transporting artwork can be a logistical nightmare. The artwork may need to be transported through busy streets, up elevators, and through narrow, cramped hallways. In addition, time is always a concern when it comes to delivery, even when point A is only several blocks away from point B. Art couriers do everything in their power to get the artwork to its destination right on time.

Specialized handling

Fine art transportation cannot be entrusted to regular delivery services. They often do not have the qualifications and knowledge required to properly handle valuable pieces of art. Fine art handlers, in turn, have moved countless fragile valuables locally and nationally, meaning they will have no issue delivering your precious artwork in perfect condition. In addition, they have access to specialized techniques and equipment that ensure that works of art are kept safe throughout the entire transportation process. These include climate-controlled vehicles and professional packaging, among others.


While it may seem counterintuitive, opting for a fine art courier service can be a more cost-effective alternative to a regular delivery service. Since art delivery services usually cover art transit insurance, packaging materials, COI, and other necessities, they can help you significantly cut delivery costs.

In short, art couriers are the best friends of art lovers who live in big cities. Not only do they offer competitive prices and work quickly and efficiently, but they also know exactly how to make sure all your unique works of art are handled with utmost precision.

If you are looking for a local art delivery service in New York, consider Fine Art Shippers. Get your free shipping quote on our website or call (917) 658-5075 for more information.