Essential Piano Moving Tips

Essential Piano Moving Tips

A piano is one of those items that are incredibly hard to move. It is an exceptionally delicate musical instrument requiring professional treatment and special moving equipment. Therefore, if you want to safely move your piano without much stress, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional piano moving company for this job. However, if you decide to do it yourself, take your time to learn some essential piano moving tips we have covered below.

Essential Piano Moving Tips

1. Measure your piano

Start with measuring your piano’s size. The exact dimensions will help you plan the moving process thoroughly.

2. Clear the path

You should clear the path from any objects including carpets. Also, measure the door frames to ensure your piano easily fits through.

3. Protect the keyboard

One of the most important piano moving tips is to ensure the protection of the keyboard. You need to carefully close and lock the keyboard lid. Secure it properly so that it won’t open during the move.

4. Carefully wrap your piano

Use moving blankets, plastic wrap, or any cloth large enough to completely cover your piano. Wrap it carefully and secure everything with tape.

5. Lift your piano

To safely lift your piano, wear gloves and keep your piece in an upright position. Do not lift it into the truck by its legs. You can damage inner mechanics.

Lifting will be easier with at least four people involved. Position two people on each end of your piano and carefully lift it using moving straps.

6. Secure the piano in the truck

Make sure the piano is secured to the truck wall and does not roll around while the truck is moving.

Hopefully, our piano moving tips will come in handy. However, as mentioned above, moving such a delicate and heavy object as a piano usually requires expert assistance. At Fine Art Shippers, we can safely pack and move your piece without any hassle. Feel free to contact us whenever you need professional piano moving help!