Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York

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Children’s Museum of the Arts

The Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMA) located at 103 Charlton Street, NYC was founded by Kathleen Schneider in 1988. For today, it is one of the best places in Lower Manhattan where children can make art side-by-side with working artists. Furthermore, this museum features many interesting programs for families and kids ages 0–15, all aimed at showing the transformative power of the arts, not to mention its impressive exhibitions of children’s art from all over the world. So if your kid is interested in painting, drawing, sculpture, stop-motion animation, sound art, or any other form of art, the Children’s Museum of the Arts is definitely a must-visit place for your family! Highly recommended by all professional art moving companies in NYC!

Photo credit: The Children’s Museum of the Arts/cmany.org