Canvas Art Storage Ideas: A Careful Collector’s Go-To Guide

Canvas Art Storage Ideas: A Careful Collector’s Go-To Guide

Storing art is art in itself, which not every collector or art dealer knows well enough. That’s why you may come to a point where you need tried and tested canvas art storage ideas. Here, we share some considerations that should lay the foundation for your art storage planning and implementation.

Preparing Your Art for Storage

Thorough and knowledgeable preparation is key to safe storage of any duration. First, you should make sure the artwork’s surface is clean; if it has some dust or dirt accumulating after some time on display, remove it with a soft brush or cloth. Don’t apply water, as it may damage the canvas.

Next, measure the conditions in which you’re planning to store your artwork. The optimal temperature in the room or storage should be 65-700F, and humidity should be within the range of 40-50%. If your conditions differ from these ones, set up a climate control system to keep your canvas in the right environment and slow down its time-related decay.

Those who store art out of display should also take care of thorough, professional packaging. Use acid-free paper to wrap your canvas, and add bubble wrap as an extra protective layer. These precautions will prevent dust accumulation and protect your possessions from other pollutants.

Safe Canvas Art Storage Ideas

Now, it’s time to learn some professional canvas art storage ideas that may prolong the lives of your precious belongings and prevent their damage. The first rule of thumb is to store canvas art vertically; though it may sound counter-intuitive at first, the solution is wise in the long term. This storage mode reduces pressure on the canvas, which is a natural material prone to warping. Also, you should add foam boards or sheets between the canvases stored in one place so that they don’t accidentally damage each other with sharp frame corners.

Another expert life hack is to minimize canvas art’s direct contact with the floor. It would be best to store paintings on specially designed pallets or shelves, where they will avoid humidity and temperature fluctuations. It’s also necessary to avoid contact with the storage room’s walls, which may accumulate moisture and damage even well-packed artwork.

Entrust Your Art to Fine Art Shippers

Relying on home storage is a risky decision, especially if your canvas art is old and fragile. We recommend using specialized art storage service providers who know everything about safe storage conditions and can offer fully climate-controlled, well-equipped storage units for you. Fine Art Shippers has many canvas art storage ideas that will save your belongings from deterioration. Contact us to get premium-level storage for your art.