Authentic Antique Religious Icons at the Russian Store

As you probably know, in addition to shipping fine art, Fine Art Shippers also provides an extensive range of antique transport services. Moreover, we deal with items of any type, from Art Deco pieces to Chinese terracotta sculptures of museum quality. Besides, we have decades of experience in handling and shipping various religious artifacts and antique icons. This allows us to work with many reputable museums, auction houses, dealers, and different public institutions that need professional antique transport services. Plus, we have a representative office in Moscow, making Fine Art Shippers an excellent choice to ship antique Russian icons between the United States and Russia. For example, we are very proud to work with the Russian Store known for its amazing selection of religious icons and artifacts.

The Russian Store

Since 1994, the Russian Store has been the best place in the United States to come for authentic antique Russian Orthodox icons, Christian religious artifacts, and Catholic reliquaries. Moreover, while this gallery is located in Boston, MA, it offers all its unique items for sale online, giving everyone a perfect opportunity to buy something truly outstanding without leaving home. Besides, the Russian Store also provides its clients with professional advisory and antique appraisal services, as well as assists in finding rare religious artifacts and other objects of Christian devotion.

At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy to work with the Russian Store, providing it with comprehensive antique transport services both nationally and internationally. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind gallery, and we highly recommend it to everyone!