Artists of the Brooklyn Navy Yard: Dieu Donné

As you probably know, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is now one of the hottest places in New York City for talented and creative people. This huge industrial complex is full of artist studios, startups, and innovative companies trying to improve the world around us. As an expert provider of art crating and shipping services, Fine Art Shippers frequently visits the Brooklyn Navy Yard to help its residents ship art both locally and across the United States. During our last visit to this important complex, our dedicated team of art crating and shipping specialists was lucky to get acquainted with art by many artists working there. We already wrote about Bennett Williams, Julie Ryan, and some other painters who have their studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, but in this blog post, we want to tell you about Dieu Donné, a non-profit cultural institution located in Building 3.

Dieu Donné

Founded by Susan Gosin and Bruce Wineberg in 1976, Dieu Donné is one of the leading non-profit cultural institutions aimed at exploring the potential of hand papermaking as an artistic medium. Moreover, Dieu Donné collaborates with many talented contemporary artists, both emerging and established, who learn here how to use paper in their art. Besides, this cultural institution is also known for its outstanding gallery and public programs and exhibitions featuring works on paper and other pieces of hand papermaking.

Art crating and shipping company; Dieu Donné

Art crating and shipping company; Dieu Donné

Art crating and shipping company; Dieu Donné

Our art crating and shipping company highly recommends visiting Dieu Donné in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and learn more about this unique cultural institution!

Photo credit: Dieu Donné/dieudonne.org